Sunday, May 29, 2011

'a woman grows on love' by Nyasha Mboti

A Woman grows on love
(poem By Nyasha Mboti)

There is only
One way to love a woman
And that
Is to love her.

Love her like
She exists in a dream.

Love her
And give her unforgettableness
Unforgettable sweetness.

Ah, use your hands to find her
Bring her to your side
Give her gifts of fire.

Love a woman
Because she grows on love
She grows and grows
And you wonder at her ripeness.

Do not cheat a woman
Do not ask her things
That she cannot answer.

Do to a woman, love.
Do to a woman the good things
That are in a man
Do to her, love.

There is only
One way to love her
To reserve all your gentleness
For her
To conserve your manliness
To please her:
Then she will grow.


  1. I have just fallen in love with this poem! The poem seems to have done to me what she's talking about!