Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My friend in the other country

My friend in the other country
(by Memory Chirere)

When my friend went abroad
at first he missed me sorely
and I could see the teardrops on his letters.
And I cried too
Then he gradually began to sound
very clumsy and calm
like he was writing to the man next door.
Finally, he began to pick faults with me
Like: “You think life is easy?”
And then in one letter all hell broke loose:
“You need to be serious about life!”
He once queried: “What are you still doing over there?”
I cried again
And now he writes only
to confirm news about a death in the family
or to say his wife is expecting again.

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  1. How about all the emails? They don't count? Good one. It holds a mystery of its own.