Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crime in Alice Walker's works

Published and distributed by Lambert Academic Publishers in Germany (, this insightful book explorers the portrayal of crime in Alice Walker’s works especially The Third Life of Grange Copeland, Meridian, In Love and Trouble, You can’t Keep a Good Woman Down and The Colour Purple. Alice Walker captures a wide range of crimes such as rape, incest, theft murder, public fighting, infanticide, domestic violence, among others.

The author, Edwin Mhandu lectures in Literature in the Department of English, University of Zimbabwe. He insists that the definition of morality and crime in the US is a product of the Puritanical values of its founding fathers and is skewed against black people and that by some scantily defined logic, the Blackman is projected as the driving force behind women’s indulgence in prostitution, adultery and extra marital affairs.In any case, Mhandu argues,the portrayal of black women as prostitutes and adulteresses feeds onto the canon of the black bitch stereotypes created by Caucasian America.

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