Monday, May 7, 2012

New publication on Dambudzo Marechera

Moving Spirit:
The Legacy of Dambudzo Marechera in the 21st Century
Edited by Julie Cairnie and Dobrota Pucherova
Published By LIT Verlag, Berlin, May 2012
This multimedia collection inspired by the life and work of the Zimbabwean cult writer Dambudzo Marechera (1952-1987) demonstrates the growing influence of this author among writers, artists and scholars worldwide and invites the reassessment of his oeuvre and of categories of literary theory such as modernism, postmodernism and postcolonialism. Including a DVD with audio-visual creative contributions and rare archival material, this volume will be of interest to scholars and students of African, postcolonial and postmodernist literature and culture, as well as audio-visual artists, writers and biographers.

ISBN: 978-3-643-90215-3, 216 pages, paperback, price € 29.90
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PROLOGUE: Dambudzo Marechera—Long Live! by Elleke Boehmer

INTRODUCTION by Julie Cairnie and Dobrota Pucherova       

Dambudzo by Comrade Fatso
House of Hunger by Comrade Fatso
Bits and Pieces I Picked up and Pocketed by Jane Bryce
Kariba’s Last Stand by Robert Fraser
Lake Mcllwaine by Flora Veit-Wild
A Portrait of the Artist in Black and White by Dobrota Pucherova
Filming The House of Hunger and Zimbabwe Now by Chris Austin
Litera[ri]ly Laterally: Re-Revisioning Marechera for Educational Films by heeten bhagat
The Twilight Zone of Literature by Nana Oforiatta-Ayim                             
Why I Want to Tell Dambudzo’s Story by Ery Nzaramba

A Letter to a Departed Buddy by Nhamo Mhiripiri
Marechera in Oxford by Norman Vance        
Reflecting on the Marechera Cult? “More like Hearing a Scream” by James Currey
Hippo and Hyena: My Oxford Celebration Diary by Flora Veit-Wild
Spirits and Projections: A “White Zimbabwean’s” Reading of Marechera by Jennifer Armstrong
Marechera-Mania among Young Zimbabwean Writers and Readers by Memory Chirere
Cult Figure and Pub Legend: Dialoguing on the Legacy of St Dambudzo by Anna Leena Toivanen and Tinashe Mushakavanhu

A Post-Modern at the Margin: Innovations in Dambudzo Marechera’s Texts by Carolyn Hart
House of Fools: Madness and the Narration of the Nation in “The House of Hunger” and Mapenzi by Katja Kellerer
“A Melodrama of the Voluptuous”: Marechera’s Love Poetry by Gerald Gaylard
Fuzzy Goo’s Stories for Children: Literature for a “New” Zimbabwe by Julie Cairnie

Me and Dambudzo: A Personal Essay by Flora Veit-Wild


1) Dambudzo by Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka (2010) 5:10 (video)

2) House of Hunger by Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka (2008) 6:54 (audio)

3) Dambudzo by Eric Nzaramba (2010) 4:05 (video)

4) I Am the Rape by heeten bhagat and Linette Frewin (2006) 6:28 (video)

5) A Shred of Identity by Nana Oforiatta-Ayim (2009) 4:41 (video)

6) A Shred of Identity by Ilpo Jauhianinen (2011) 5:07 (audio)

7) The House of Hunger by Chris Austin (1984) 1:26:00 (video)


8) Marechera’s press conference at Berlin International Literature Days (BILT), June 1979. 46:23 (audio)

9) Marechera reads from “The House of Hunger” at BILT, June 1979. 45:40 (audio)

10) “The African Writer’s Experience of European Literature.” Lecture by Dambudzo Marechera. Introduction by Lewis Nkosi. Harare,15 October 1986. 1:20:57 (audio)

Tracks 11-18: Dambudzo Marechera interviewed by Alle Lansu. Harare, February 1986. Excerpts.

11) His view of African literature. 8:55 (audio)

12 Let me write and drink my beer 2:47 (audio)

13 Literary shock treatment 6:27 (audio)

14) The future of Zimbabwean literature 2:18 (audio)

5) Childhood 15:26 (audio)

16) Escaping the house of hunger 7:59 (audio)

17) Oxford & London 10:39 (audio)

18) Back in Zimbabwe 9:06 (audio)

19) Marechera interviewed by Ray Mawerera, People’s College, Harare, 1984. 36:28 (video)

20) Marechera interviewed by Fiona Lloyd. May 14, 1986. 53:13 (audio)

21) Marechera reads poetry. May 14, 1986. 8:44 (audio)

22) Marechera reads from Mindblast. February 1986. 10:00 (audio)

23) Dambudzo Marechera reads “My Arms Vanished Mountains.” 40:06 (audio)

24) Flora Veit-Wild interviewed by Fiona Lloyd. July 1990. 67:00 (audio)

25) Tribute to Marechera by Fiona Lloyd, Radio 1 Harare, August 26, 1987. 29:01 (audio)

26) After the Hunger and the Drought by Olley Maruma (1985) 35:00 (video)