Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year with Primrose Dzenga

If He Made Love
(By Primrose C Dzenga)

If he made love,
With such joy and abandon
Tenderness and care

If he caressed
Velvety feverish caresses
Like he did the cords,
Sweet cords of his piano

And revered, with lavished concern
Like he did, the wide amble bosom
Of his lady marimba churning
She, creaking and groaning
To the fevered touch and pitch
Of a practiced master in love

My soul was a virgin
Till the echoes of his drums
The wailing and moaning of his piano
The sheer joy and celebration
Of his marimba in love

Awoke my spirit to canal desires
Unquenchable lust and need
For more of this music
This melody and joy
Making love to my soul

Peeling away the blinds and mists
Of naivety, being green
My soul was sated, sated to voluptuousness
But now…? Im sated no more
I’m addicted to the quick

For the hunger now gnaws
Craving, the wails, the echoes and ululations of joy
In their chosen trio on a journey
Have left a hunger I could never quench

The melodies wafting thru me
Taking me, my spirit on a journey
Pitting me with the moon
For a dance under the African sky

If he made love
Like he massaged the piano
And smiled into the marimba
And tickled his drums to fits

There would be no more need for love
All would be sated like I was
But I’m sated no more
So I beg you, play on.
With your three ladies of choice

You bring out the best in them
And springs of joy to the world
Initiating most, to a higher level
Of appreciating music and nature

If he made love
Like they did to the three
Conceiving such sweet melodies
I beg you gentlemen, please
Make some more, do make some more.

**inspired by Trio ivoire-4 may HIFA 2007.

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