Saturday, December 26, 2009

Not anymore

Not anymore
(by Memory Chirere)

My job does not pay me anymore.
It all started slowly:
First, the pay day was delayed.
Later, it was switched thrice
coming only when I had forgotten.
And now they do not pay me at all!
And they know that I know it.
I turn to odd jobs in order to live
I borrow in order to go to work
and borrow again in order to get back home.
I find more odd jobs in between.
I go to work only when I can
and my boss looks aside
every time I turn up with a smile
or putting on new shoes
and clutching a full lunch box.
He knows that I am a miracle.
I work when I make it to work
and stroll home humming an old wartime tune.
My wife winces and looks aside
when I walk in like a wayfarer.
My father doesn’t understand what I know
about my once prestigious job
but he knows that I will not quit
and that on an ordinary day I’m no fool.
So I continue and it continues
And maybe, we all know that we are not mad.

** today I came across this piece, above that I did in October 2008. Because of drought, negative politics and inflation, 2008 was terrible for most Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe. 2009 has been much better and everywhere around me, people think 2010 will even be better.

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