Sunday, April 18, 2010

an Alexander Kanengoni piece on Zimbabwe independence day

(By Alexander Kanengoni)
I will spread my dreams
On these stones and abandon them
To follow the faint echo
Of this emerging certainty

Freedom tremors resound
But many lives no more stir
An old woman whimpers
Clutching a string of black beads
We laid to rest Strength
There is a total absence of urge

Under that mopani tree
Time gave birth to Honesty
I witnessed it
Under the same tree
Time killed Honesty
I also witnessed it

I will gather stones
With my hands
And sacrifice them to God
For man
And his destiny

The songs that time sings
The dreams that time weaves
The memories that time drapes
The moments that time holds!

I have watched time
Trickle and freeze into icicles
I require ease
I strive to desire
I will continue
Sitting on these stones
Because here
Time will resolve itself.

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