Friday, May 7, 2010

a Ruzvidzo Mupfudza poem

In 2006 the late Ruzvidzo Mupfudza (in picture) gave me about ten poems for an anthology that I was building. Now, here is one of them:

Hard Choices
(By Ruzvidzo Mupfudza)
When you've come face to face with Death unmasked
Or, at least, what in your terrified mind approximates
The visage of the Grim Slayer
You think of all the chances you've had
But foolishly watched as they slipped away

You hear again the call:
Seize the moment! Seize the moment! Seize the moment!
Yet you did not, you preferred instead
To slowly adjust your mental microscope
And analyse the moment in minute detail

Well, while you adjusted the lense, the moment vanished
Now as the Grim Reaper leaves, he scars your face and heart
Sunken cheeks, bloodshot eyes, ashen face
You realise and resolve never to laugh away
Chances and opportunities, half or otherwise
Never again to sneer at the open window
In favour of the brick wall

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