Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Revisiting Dambudzo Marechera - old texts brought to new life"

picture:1974. Courtesy of New College, Oxford.

On the occasion of Flora Veit-Wild's forthcoming visit to Zimbabwe, the ZGS is hosting an event on the 13th of March 5.30pm, Harare, entitled:

"Revisiting Dambudzo Marechera - old texts brought to
new life"

Flora Veit-Wild, Professor of African Literatures and
Cultures at Humboldt University in Berlin, lived in
Zimbabwe for over ten years. Here she met and worked
with Dambudzo Marechera and, after his death in 1987,
became one of the founder members of the Dambudzo
Marechera Trust. She was instrumental in collecting and
publishing his posthumous works and has written about his
life and work in numerous books and articles. Up to now
she represents the Marechera estate regarding new editions
and translations of his work.

Many people talk about Marechera's life, much fewer about his texts. The ZGS will organize a panel of contributors who each present their favourite Dambudzo piece. This means, reading or performing a poem or short prose or dramatic text by the writer and subsequently engaging with it. Alternatively or additionally, one could read/perform one's own literary text inspired by Dambudzo.

Each contributor will have a slot of ten minutes. A general discussion will follow the presentations. Flora will introduce the contributors and moderate the discussion.

We herewith cordially invite you as a contributor to this event. Could you please let us have your reply by the 1st of March 2012.

Warm regards

Franziska Kramer

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