Sunday, July 22, 2012

My first kiss

By Moreblessing Size

Heart beats like an African drum
Stars light up the sky like bright city lights.
Words fail to come out of my mouth
dry from intense emotion.
I wonder if I should smile or frown
My feet are rooted to the ground
like they don’t belong to me.
His eyes seem to reach into the very core of my soul.
A dozen butterflies flutter in my stomach
as he walks slowly up to me
Our eyes locked like magnet .
Brown skin smoothly covers his bones.
He smiles and my cheeks warm up to his smile.
As he comes closer my breathing becomes ragged
the room seems smaller.
His hand reaches for my cheek
and my eyes close on their own accord.
Shivers of excitement run down my spine
I anticipate, relish his scent.
Sweetness meets my lips as he kisses me soflty
a sigh escapes my lips.

Moreblessing Size is a Zimbabwean poet

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