Saturday, August 31, 2013

Josephine Muganiwa reads Mungoshi's latest book!

(a recent photo of Charles Mungoshi by Victor Dlamini) 
Charles Mungoshi’s new masterpiece; Barnching Streams Flow In The Dark, encourages everyone to carry out a reality check. Besides being a story about terminal illness, this novel celebrates life. It affirms that love is the greatest ingredient of life. Love covers all and provides hope no matter how bleak the situation is. While the narration is occasioned by the pain of discrimination, the narrator is spurred on by the memory of a loved friend from high school. In writing to Fungi, Serina relives her old days and purges the pain within her. The handling of the theme of love is to reveal its complexity. Loving hurts but... it also thrills! Meeting and parting is also part of the game. This book answers the classical questions: Is it possible for a man to love two women at the same time? What is love? Is it possible to fall in love with the idea of being in love? What is the place of polygamy? What is marriage? Is marriage the church certificate or the intertwining of lives? Is it possible to have a soul mate; the kind of relationship between MaDube and Serina’s father? This story is fluid and it carries you along like a river. I can still hear Saidi playing his sax in the sky, at the Great Conference. A must read for all!
+Josephine Muganiwa, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, August 2013.
Get your copy, for $18 by phoning: +263 774054341

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