Monday, August 5, 2013

New Literary magazine for Zimbabwe

The Write Mag Call for Articles
Published by Write Africa, and edited by a renowned Zimbabwean author, literary critic, lecturer and blogger, The Write Mag is a new quarterly literary magazine whose key focus is on promoting African literature. The magazine will be produced in print, with an online version available on the Write Africa Website in due course.

This is a call for articles to the first issue of the magazine, which will have an initial print run of 5000 copies and distributed around Zimbabwe and exhibited at major local Book Fairs. Authors, lecturers, teachers, critics, reviewers and other interested individuals are invited to submit articles of any length, and on any theme, based on the following broad and sub-categories.

1. Book Reviews
-New Book Reviews,
-Blast from the past book reviews, Local, regional and International
- The Bookstore and Featured book prices
2. Publishing information
-Publishing options- traditional, self, co-publishing, etc.
- Publishing platforms: print, e-publishing, etc.
 -Featured publisher in Zimbabwe, Africa or The whole world,
-Publishing Advice 
-Publishing Agents
3. Author Profiles and interviews
-Established Authors (living and dead, with priority on 1. Zimbabwean, 2. African and 3. International authors in that specific order)
-Upcoming authors, but with a growing profile and some form of published work or making the waves
-Pictures, works, interviews, etc.
4. Literary works
-Previously Published work excepts
-Unpublished work excepts or full content
+ short stories
+ poetry
+ plays
+ Novels and Novellas (only excerpts will be published)
5. Study guides and information on Literature
-For Students in High Schools
-For University students
6. Literature and ICTs
-ICT hardwares, software and applications
-How to information- on creating, managing, using marketing e-platforms
-Featured platforms
8. Features
-Any arts related issues that have a bearing on the literary arts or artistes.
-Other organisations and initiatives that are making the arts headlines
9. Intellectual property
-Copyright and intellectual property

 Submission Guidelines
The Deadline for this call is 21 August 2013. Articles received after this date will be considered for future editions.
Send all articles to:
All inquiries: Lawrence Hoba (Write Africa): +263772939136/
-Write Africa will not be paying for this issue, but all contributors will receive 5 copies of the magazine.

-Submission does not entail subsequent publication as this is a competitive process, but the editorial will make an effort to communicate with all individuals who submit articles and acknowledge receipt of submitted articles as well as the status of their articles.

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