Saturday, October 11, 2014

a picture of Luis Bernardo Honwana of Mozambique

For two full decades I tried to get in touch with my favourite short story writer, Luis Bernardo Honwana of Mozambique. I failed because of so many reasons. I gave up after trying so much. I began to think that he had died!  I respect Honwana so much. He is the author of the iconic 'We Killed Mangy Dog.' He is, alongside Charles Mungoshi and Luandino Jose Vieira, one of the reasons why I chose to write short stories from an early age. Recently, a gangly Zimbabwean journalist called Percy Zvomuya came to my office, unannounced... Now, I believe I may soon meet the great Honwana and be able to converse! If you adore Honwana's short stories like I do, follow this link:

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